Today, I Meet With A Real Hero


This is the path that my car took as it rolled down to finally rest against a tree.


Today, I meet with a real hero.  I am not talking about a soldier fighting for our freedom in a foreign land or a local firefighter who saves people whenever he is called upon.  No, this guy is my personal hero.

On December 30th in 2014, I spent a very cold night down at the bottom of a New Mexico mountain pass.  I made some terrible choices that night which caused my car to veer off of Hwy 152 up in the Black Range mountains.  My SUV left the road and my life was never to be the same.  I was without hope and if someone did not come and rescue me I would have died alone.  This is where my hero comes into the picture…
Actually he was one of my heroes that would have played a huge part in my miraculous rescue because my restoration came about through a team of people.  Back to the story… I woke up the moment the sun arose and took it’s place in the morning sky.  I looked around me and still could not believe the predicament that I had gotten myself into.  I have always been a risk taker but even I would never have tried to purposefully launch my car off of a pitch black roadside.  Once I realized again just how helpless I was down there, I knew that someone was going to have to come and get me if I was going to even have a chance. I prayed and prayed for someone to come and finally someone did.

The backstory is kind of amazing in itself, so I will briefly touch upon that here as well. My friends had an interesting account of what had to transpire in order for them to actually find me.  It started with the recent news that this couple had heard about the health of their mother.  She had been battling with cancer and they were coming down to New Mexico from Montana to spend some time with her for the New Year.  They decided to make the drive down.

Other family members had heard about the recent news that there was going to be a snow storm coming their way so they went up to see how the roads were like up in the Black Range so that they could warn those coming from Montana whether it was going to be safe for travel.  These two families were coming from the opposite direction to meet up.   They lost phone signal and were not able to inform those traveling from Montana that it was still safe to drive through the more scenic mountain route to get to them.

Along the way the people who were coming to visit were encountering herds of deer that were slowing them down as they were making their way over the mountain.  Eventually they got to the top of the mountain and stopped at a lookout point to take some pictures. After they got into their car, they traveled another 2 miles or so and that is when they met up with the other family members coming from the opposite direction.  Immediately upon seeing each other they pulled over and reunited.

That is when the miracle happened because they stopped at the exact same spot where I had rolled off the road earlier that evening.  This was no coincidence but providence. Granted, this was not by any means a safe place to make a stop.  It was at a curve in the road but I guess they were so excited to see each other.   Lucky for me that they did stop there though because I know that I would not be here today if they had not met up there.


The skid mark on the road was my car’s when I realized the mistake that I had made.


It was a still, cold and sunny morning that day and I could hear two women chatting above me.  When I say above me I mean these two ladies were over 500 feet above me. They had no idea that I was down below, because my car could not even be seen from the road unless you were really looking hard.  I yelled as loud as I could and I remember that one of them asked the other if they heard someone.  I yelled even louder and it was then that they had no doubt about it.  Someone was definitely down there.  They told me to stay calm and that they were sending someone down there to rescue me.

Today I am going to meet with one of my rescuers.  Maritza and I are going to sit across from him and for the first time I am going to be able to say thank you.  This hero was the one who was able to flag down a random snow plow to call emergency services.  It was his brother-in-law and the snow plow driver who made the dangerous trek down to where I was.

I am so excited that I am going to finally tell him how grateful I am for his kindness.  He will forever be a part of my life, those events forever changed my life and all because of one family…




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