30 Seconds Away…

This is the picture that tells the story.  My car rolled over and over after it left the road above and ended right-side up against a tree 500 feet below.


Last Saturday Maritza and I met with one of my rescuers.  I blogged earlier about how excited I was to finally meet one of the true heroes of my life and how much I wanted to hug him and look him in the eyes and say thank you.  He had so many more little details to fill me in on with regards to that frigid New Year’s Eve morning.  He shared this picture that was on his phone and I was able to connect a little bit better with the events of that previous night.  This picture was taken on that same day that I was discovered.  The roadway eventually made a big left U curve as it meandered through the canyon and it was from this spot that my heroes heard my calls for help.


This accident was not supposed to have been survivable.  I was told by my trauma team in doctors that they had never heard of anyone living through such a horrific event.  I was spared for a reason and I am alive today.


We conversed about many things at that Silver City, New Mexico restaurant that evening. I found out that he was a school teacher and that he had lived in Silver City growing up. He was very familiar with the Black Range mountains too because they were always fun to drive.  Then he said this: “you know, we were just 30 seconds away from pulling out of there when my sister thought that she heard someone.  She asked her husband if he could here someone and then she called out to ask if someone was down there.  You responded with a yes and that was all we needed to know.”

Wow, 30 seconds, my life was held in balance by a person’s decision to hold off from getting into their car by 30 seconds?  He must have noticed my jaw drop when he said that.  How many times do we encounter random things and situations in our lives that go unnoticed but can actually aid in saving the life of someone?  It could be the simple act of yielding to someone getting onto the freeway or it can even be the act of someone cutting you off on that same freeway.  You never know why things happen the way they do in life but I am convinced that everything has a purpose, be it good or bad.  My purpose is quite abundantly clear to me now.  I was spared so that I could get to Maritza and together we have both been able to heal in much greater ways.  And to think, 30 seconds is all it took?


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.27.57 PM
We went up to the scene of the accident back in April 2015 and I shot a video of Hwy 152.  I believe that now I can say for certain that my car went airborne right about where that last tall tree is on the left, right before the clearing.



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