Starting Over



It’s not often when one gets to have a chance to a do over in life.  I remember as a child growing up that I would be busy coloring a picture in my coloring book and I would make a mistake somehow and end up coloring outside the lines.  I would turn the page and quickly start on a new picture.  Or thank God for an eraser in math class, right?  How about that White-Out liquid that we used to use to cover up mistakes on our term papers? Oh yes, getting a new start was a breath of fresh air for sure.  What is life without second chances?  We all sure can use them sometimes no doubt.

That is exactly what life has been for me this past year.  One major do over.  I ended 2014 with a storage shed full of stuff up in frigid Minnesota.  I said goodbye to so many things that day before I made the drive down to see Maritza.  After my accident, all that stuff was never to be seen again.  I had a car full of things that I had stuffed into every nook and cranny available.  Much of it ended up scattered at the bottom of a mountain canyon one fateful evening.  Now, most recently, because of our upcoming move, I have had to trim down my possessions even more.  In fact, we recently had a yard sale and sold or gave away the remaining extra things left over.




You know what?  It feels good to be free!  For the first time in my life, I have no worries. Things just tend to weigh a person down and too much of a good thing can really tie anyone down. I remember leaving Minnesota with my family years ago and having to rent not just one but two big moving trucks for our upcoming move down to Tennessee.  Each time those things were packed to the gills.

Over the years, we humans collect so much crap that we don’t really need. We tend to save so many things that we end up using up the space in our garage for all of that junk or sometimes some even go so far as renting a storage unit to put it all in.  All that clutter that can be taken away in a split second by a random disastrous fire, hurricane or even tornado?  Then what?  What do we really have but our footprint, our health, our loved ones and our memories anyway?




That is why what has happened to me has proven to be just what I needed.   My life was way too cluttered and way too complicated.  I was overly stressed out to even be healthy and I worried way too much about everything.  I got a chance to start over and that has been the most tremendous gift to have ever been given by God.  Right now I am sitting here in our villa in Silver City and I am looking around me.  Except for a few things, like my clothes, keyboard and laptop, I am not responsible for much else.  It feels awesome too because now Maritza and I can just up and go at a moment’s notice.


I got to start over and hit a big reset button on life.  These chances don’t come often but when they do I suggest that you take that risk, it is truly worth it in the end.  Go ahead, don’t be afraid to start over…


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