Paradise Found



What can I say but what a place?!!  Mark (yes Mark, not Maritza) and I seriously walked around our new digs literally with our jaws dropped and absolutely breathless at where the Universe has placed us.  I can honestly say that we visualized all of this for ourselves.  How can the secret to happiness be so simple and yet so complicated for the vast majority of folks?  I am saying that as a former doubter myself.

What I have learned through all of my life since transitioning back in the winter of 2013 is that I can never limit the Universe and what it can do.  If you can think it, you can literally achieve it.  It really is that simple because we are all truly not just human but we are creator gods ourselves.  I know, sounds crazy for some of you seasoned Christians.  I was like you for a long time.  I was always thinking that but for the grace of God I was helpless but you know what?  That is simply no where near my actual lived experience.  I am telling you that believing in yourself is far more powerful than in believing in some heavenly rescuer that we need to entrust our live to.




I am completely blown away by the reality of our present.  I am not going to take away from my experience living in a quite mountain town in southern New Mexico.  Silver City will always hold a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful to this unique place. Now though is a new season and a new time and I am so ready.  We are literally under one mile and a half from Fort Lauderdale beach!  We decided to go for an afternoon walk and as we walked around our new neighborhood, we saw anything from manatees to Rolls Royces, miles of beaches to a myriad of yachts.  It is so much to take in and sometimes we just found ourselves stopping along the way to just take it all in.  Pictures don’t do this place justice in the least because it’s beauty is all around you.




So many changes and my Mark is back and oh how I have missed him.  We met back in the winter of 2014 and he was the reason that I even came down to New Mexico in the first place.  We have been through so many things in the past year that have caused us to question ourselves and our gendered experiences.  There are so many twists and turns in our relationship that has left us both gasping for air like being on a crazy roller coaster. The latest twist places a new focus on the fact that Mark and I are a true trans couple.  He is my Papi and my life and I am his woman and his precious Cielo (Heaven) as he loves to call me.  We married as husband and wife and made those vows as such.  I took on his name as mine and I am so proud to be Mrs. Lynna Cummings.  With all that took place after we left Silver City pretty much sealed the fact that Mark and Lynna are here to stay. Let me explain…




When we left New Mexico, Mark was very much focused on continuing his detransition but when we got to Florida we realized more than ever how much Mark was needed.  When we tried to find an apartment, we needed Mark and his lived experience of the past 13 years that has made him to be the wonderful man that he is.  This hit us both as clear as day and we are both at such piece with his decision to discontinue his detransition.  I know, we sound crazy to many of you maybe but if you ask me, I am so happy to have my man back. The funny thing is that Mark and Lynna have missed each other so much.  It was like we were reuniting ourselves together again after being separated for so long.  This is just another beautiful turn in our storied lives and we are so happy to share ourselves with you.  Thanks for sticking with us, we continue to believe that love is all that Mark and I will ever need.  This is a universal truth that we can all live by.  Paradise found, oh what a spectacular view!





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