A New Start – Part 1

The next few posts are going to go back to the cross-country move that Mark and I undertook which took us to our sunny and warm new home.  I hope that you enjoy hearing about it and as we did living it.  First off, here’s a little background which precipitated the changes.




We had thought about moving away from the little town of Silver City, New Mexico and we both knew that this was just a temporary home for the two of us.  It all was confirmed when we made a holiday visit to see Mark’s family in south Florida.  When we got to Mark’s sister’s house in Miami we were greeted warmly by both her and her partner. They opened up their home to us and made us feel so welcome.  They had even planned for us to go to a Christmas party with them at a really cool wine bar.  We had such a great experience for those few weeks and made the decision to get back out to Florida, not just for vacation but for setting up our new home.  That is what we set to do and in just a little over a month we had a couple of yard sales, sold a bunch of winter clothes, donated the rest and got rid of our beater car in exchange for a brand new one.  We did our homework as to where to look to live.  We had our sights set on moving to Hollywood, Florida.  That is where Mark had spent much of his adult life and he was absolutely at home there. Eventually, we had called a guy who was advertising a room on Craigslist and boy was that a huge mistake!  I am jumping ahead too much so I’ll get to that later.




We packed our little Corolla to the hilt and them some because we had saddled her with a car top carrier and attached it with straps through the two front doors.  Needless to say that we were truly weighted down but it was all that we owned and we were going to get an early start that next morning.  We had a visit from our landlord Joe to get the move-out inspection taken care of and he gave us some instructions on where we needed to leave the keys to the villa.  After that, we thanked him and said our goodbyes.  Mark prepared an early dinner, we got some good much needed rest that night, than woke up bright and early the next morning to set out on our journey.




The sun shone brightly that morning and it was to be that way through out our journey. Not a a rain cloud in sight and thankfully for us it remained that way.  We knew that we were heading into Texas and we had to mentally prepare ourselves for that because Texas is the longest and one of the most boring states to travel through.  I hesitate to say that it is the most boring because that title goes to South Dakota hands down, followed closely by Kansas and Illinois and yes in that order 🙂  Our plan was originally to drive 9 hours and overnight in Austin and so we set our GPS in that direction.




Not too far down the road, we noticed a noise that the car was making.  I know right, uh oh!?  We had a brand new car and now it was making noises?  Well, not exactly, our new car top carrier was.  We couldn’t quite nail down where the sound was coming from.  Were the ratchet straps too loose, was the carrier just a noisy material, were bugs hitting it?  we didn’t quite know what is going on and as we hit the interstate the sound just got louder and more annoying.  After an hour or so on the road, the noise becoming almost to the point of unbearable (it literally sounded like we were in an awful rain storm).  I rolled the window down and noticed that the little rubber protective mat that we had bought to protect our Trix from getting scratched by the car top carrier was actually flapping around in the wind and constantly pelting the Trix’ roof.  Aha, that was it!  We found the problem and would not have to dread listening to that awful sound for the rest of our trip, thank God!  We quickly pulled over at the next rest area and  adjusted it and wallah, the sound magically LOL went away!  We were soooo relieved.  Now it was on through to Texas…



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