A New Start – Part 2

Did I ever mention that Texas is a long state to go through?  I did?  Well, regardless, it does bear repeating, Texas is truly a long state to have to travel through!  From tip to tip, it takes like 17 hours to cross.  No wonder that the people who live there think that their state is more like a country of it’s own!?




We had decided to spend the night in Austin but after looking for places to stay, we decided that it was probably best to just go to spend the night in San Antonio instead.  We had such a great experience at a hotel their on our way back to Silver City a month before and we were hoping to find that hotel again.  The only challenge was in being able to get that deal again because we had randomly gotten it through Hotwire.  I did some searching though and sure enough, we were able to get another great deal at this really cool hotel close to the San Antonio Riverwalk.  Before we checked in that night, we had to get dinner, so I searched for some cool vegan place to eat at.  In San Antonio??  Is it even possible to find healthy food there?  Yes, yes it is, we found a place that, believe it or not served incredible mexican food and it was all vegan!  For those of you who live near San Antonio or might be passing by sometime, the name of this place is Viva Vegeria Vegan Tex-Mex (https://www.facebook.com/myvegeria/).  It was absolutely incredibly tasty and I highly recommend it!





It was on to our hotel and boy was it a sight for sore eyes.  We got much needed rest that night because we knew that we had a big day ahead of us.  After enjoying a great Holiday Inn Express breakfast, it was back on the road and onto our next adventure.  We got into Louisiana in the afternoon and drove all the way through until we made our next overnight stop in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Why Biloxi?  Well, one reason is that we were both really tired and there just happened to be a very nice hotel room in a great casino resort waiting for us. That’s the thing, sometimes these casinos practically give rooms away to people so that they can lure you in to gamble.  We didn’t drop a penny into the slot machines but we did get a great dinner buffet out of it!  Yummy, we filled our cheeks up way beyond what our tummies could possibly handle.  Reason being that we were told that the buffet closed in 15 minutes and that they would be pulling food as they were going to close for the night.  So you should have seen our mad scramble as we piled our plates (yes an in plates plural) high with all kinds of food.  By the time we got back to the table to start eating, we were already full in simply just looking at the food on our table.  We took way too much and didn’t even finish off the half of it.  Next stop, Orlando!!!






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