Orlando Rest



So we woke up bright and early the next day and left our wonderful Mississippi casino hotel room.  We got on the road and made our way through central Florida until we pulled up to our Orlando hotel.  I have to confess, I am a Hotwire junky, I have been for years.  I always try to find a steal of a deal online and sometimes I get some great hotels and then again other times, well, let’s just say, not so much…  This was one of those “not so much” times because whenever you pull up to a hotel and there are two cop cars  lighting up the front entrance to the hotel reservation office, let’s just say that it’s not good.

That night I got a little scared and I thought that I had made a huge mistake.  We came in kind of late and we had a little problem finding our room.  We drove by this part of the resort that looked abandoned.  Granted, it was dark and we were very tired but this did not help me feel any better about the “good deal’ that I had found online.  It was a really good deal but at what cost?  Our safety???  On top of that, we were here for not one but two nights because we wanted to just rest up before we got down to South Florida.

As soon as we pulled up to our hotel room, I imagined the worst.  Here we were with everything that we owned packed into or on top of our new car.  I had thoughts of someone cutting our straps and making off with our belongings after punching a hole through our car’s window.  So instinctively I went ahead and grabbed my expensive camera bag and got my clothes and started to make my way up to our room.  When Mark saw that I had taken my camera bag, he all of a sudden was put off.  “What are you doing Lynna?”  I just had it in my mind that I had made a huge hotel mistake and told him to get his guitar case because this was obviously not a safe place for us to have chosen to stay.  He was like, “come on Lynna, everything is going to be fine”.



As we made our way up the stairs (sheesh,where was the elevator, I was muttering), there were two guys in the pool area who were making noise.  I was like, oh great, just what we needed.  We got into our room and I had already done it.  I put Mark on edge because of the way that I had been acting.  We started tossing around options about what we should do next.  Should we just eat the cost and find a safer place?  Should we unpack all of our things and haul them all upstairs to our room?  Mind you, it was almost midnight so we were already exhausted, Mark especially from driving.  I continued to scour through hotel options on Hotwire and Priceline and just couldn’t stomach having to lose what we payed for this hotel.


Eventually we started to feel a little better because we noticed that security went over to the two guys carrying on by the pool and got them to leave.  That was the first good sign.  Not enough for me but it was a start.  I then asked Mark to call up the front desk and ask them some questions about the safety of this resort.  The person at the front desk almost chuckled when we said that we were concerned about our safety.  He said that this was a family resort and that they had 24 hour security roaming around.  Mark hung up the phone and said that everything was going to be just fine.


It turns out that we had quite the relaxing stay at this wonderful little resort.  It was very much a family resort with children wading in the pool in the afternoons and Disney movies by the poolside at night.  It had a great little poolside bar which had an awesome Happy Hour and we ended up getting the much needed rest that we both so desperately needed.  I learned lots of lessons through that experience and I promised myself to never again allow myself to be swayed by letting negativity take the best of me.  Just trust that God is truly in control and knows what is best for us even when we don’t see it ourselves. This peace of mind was soon to be tested…


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