We Made It To Florida, Now What?



Mark and I ended up having a great time in Orlando and got a good night’s rest on Friday night so that we could get up and grab the breakfast buffet at our resort.  We packed up our little car and yes, everything was there.  Nothing at all was stolen and we were not broken into by the way.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we got checked out and off to breakfast.  Breakfast was way too much for way too little in the way of options especially for a vegan couple.  We had our fill of eggs, pancakes and cereal and were back on the road and off to our new life in Hollywood, Florida.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.56.54 PM

People have asked us, why didn’t you have a better plan than what you guys did?  I can tell you this, we did our best and looked for a place to live in Florida but it’s hard to do when you are doing it from 2000 miles away.  The internet can be a great start but we would never rent sight unseen.  We knew of a couple who bought a house sight unseen in Silver City and now they were trying to sell it because they hated it.  So yeah, we were just going to wing it a little and see what would happen when we got to South Florida.


Our plans were kind of ruined when the person who we had made arrangements to rent a room from in Hollywood, fell through.  We were trying to get a hold of this guy and the closer we got to arriving to his home, the more put off we were about him not getting back to us.  We arrived around 2pm on Saturday and finally met the homeowner who had a last minute party to attend.  He quickly gave us a tour of his home and showed us the room that he was renting out.  Let’s just say that this was not what we expected, he was a slob and his house was dirty and unkempt.  We had to find another solution and quick.  We said our goodbyes and were off to figure this thing out.


We literally had no other option other than to ask Mark’s dad to stay at his home while we found a place of our own.  It was late afternoon and we were in Hollywood without a place to stay.  It was getting to be dinner time too so Mark drove us over to a place that he used to go to eat and grab a little something.  I was in full find a hotel room mode and he was contemplating calling his dad.  Hmm, let’s see…  It was a Saturday night and we had arrived into South Florida at prime tourist season.  There were a whole bunch of Canadian snowbirds here and they had caused the hotel room rates to be out of reach for a cheap three day stay.  I ran my phone’s battery down just trying to search for rooms.  Mark and I then decided that it was probably best to just suck it up and go ahead and give his dad a call to ask him if we could stay with him.  So that is what he did.

What Mark did not expect to hear was what ended up happening.  His dad picked up his phone and they began their conversation.  The words were not even out of his mouth, when his dad began to tell him that he would ask us to come and stay in his empty spare room but that he was worried about the load that this would put on his house’s already aging plumbing.  I could see Mark’s jaw drop as he could not believe what he was hearing? He looked at me with this odd look, he was incredulous.  It was already understood that his mom had no plans to allow us to stay with her but we thought that his dad was always  a last resort option or was he?  He did not even get to ask his dad because his dad had already told him that it was not going to be possible.  Mark kindly said goodbye and hung up.  We were officially S-O-L and with no back up plan.


So we watched the sun set from the restaurant booth and wondered what we were going to possibly do.  I ended up finding a $125 per night room deal on Priceline in the Fort Lauderdale area and asked him what he wanted to do.  That was it, that was the best deal available.  We checked AirBnB and scoured the internet but it was now night time and we needed to find a room quick.  I hit BUY and we were given the location to our new temporary home, the Red Carpet Inn…  On the bright side was the fact that at least we had a room for the next few days.


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