Where Are We Going?



We finally checked into our hotel room and were assigned to a room in the back of the building where were going to barely have a chance at a good night’s rest.  On top of that, when they checked us in at the front desk, the attendant made a credit card imprint of Mark’s credit card onto the reservation.  You know like those old fashioned ones which they used with carbon copy paper?



This is 2016, who does that!?  I quickly noticed and mentioned it to Mark and he spoke up and asked the attendant about it.  She flippantly said that if we wanted to pay a deposit of $10 that she would black it out on the reservation paper and so she did just that.  Can we say identity theft people?  That would be so easy to have done and she never thought anything about it.  I think that because she got annoyed with us she gave us the worst room in the building.  It was clear out on the backside of the multistory building.  We would end up having to hear the sound of refrigerated tractor trailers and airbrakes all night long.  Not to mention the fact that people were up all hours of the night chatting away like it was 3 in the afternoon.  Besides that, the room was very bare bones and way over priced for what we got.

Eventually we were able to be moved to a better room the next night in a different part of the building and we were able to get a much better night’s rest.  We made our way to Hollywood that next Monday.  We were headed to a realtor’s office that had a bunch of listings that we had seen on their front window back in December when we were last in town.  We walked in and were greeted by Patricia, a kind-hearted Argentinian woman who ran the place with her elderly mother and her son.




She plugged in the numbers and what were looking for and we started to go to town in trying to find a place.  We spent way too much time with her because we were so cautious about scams.  What we ended up finding out was that every place that she would find us were always asking for first month’s, last month’s and security.  Some of these places were requiring an application fee from the both of us which would end up running upwards of $150 for us to fill out without knowing if we would be approved.  We sat with her for hours and then went to grab a bite of pizza for an early dinner.  She ended up driving us out to a few different places but none of them were even remotely close to anything that we would possibly want.

For a realtor, she really was not very good at finding these places either and Mark and I would end up looking at each other as she made yet another u-turn because she had gone the wrong way.  We made it back to the her office and then said our goodbyes to be continued the next day.  We got back to our room exhausted and a bit concerned because this was our last night at this over-priced motel and we were not looking forward to spending yet more money on another hotel room.  We were stuck though but we were hopeful for a better day and better luck with our new realtor on Tuesday.




One thing that mark noticed was that our hotel room was across the street from the apartment that he had rented with his now ex years before when they had initially moved back from Silver City, New Mexico.  What a coincidence that we would find ourselves not too far from there?!  After dinner, we did some more Craigslist apartment surfing in the room before settling in for the night.  We woke up the next morning to a major downpour and when we went to load up our luggage, I noticed that our new car had gotten soaked inside.  I was like, uh oh, what in the world happened???




Here’s the deal, we had our car-top carrier lashed with ratchet straps through our car’s door frame.  We didn’t have a rack to secure the carrier to so we opted to have the straps hold our stuff instead.  Mind you, all trip long we had not even run into one drop of rain.  Thank God for that too because we would have been dealing with this problem a lot sooner.  Regardless, we had a huge problem with our leased Corolla.  We had to get that carrier off of our car.  I dried up the seats and carpets as much as I possibly could and then when made the decision to go ahead and find a storage unit to put our stuff into.  Why didn’t we think about this on Saturday when we got here?  We were so busy trying to figure out what we were going to do.  This had become our main responsibility and we ended finding a place as we ended up meeting our realtor again that afternoon.




She had her son take us to a beach-side apartment high rise which was quite gorgeous. We ended up seeing a few of these places but we would first have to pass the association application which was going to take another couple weeks.  We didn’t have that kind of time because hotels were ridiculously expensive at this time of the year in Hollywood especially.  We were also told that we would have to valet park our car or park our car a mile or so away at another resort and have to be shuttled to our apartment while they continued with construction.  The only problem is that this place has been under renovations for several years with no end in sight.  This was a definite no for sure.  We drove back to the offices without any other options in sight.  It was back to more computer searches and by that late afternoon, we had another few apartments to go look at.

Since our car had been unloaded earlier that day, we ended up having Patricia ride with us. BIG mistake, because during one of the apartment viewings, she had Mark turn down a one way street the wrong way.  Immediately a car honked it’s horn as the driver told us that we were going the wrong way.  Then blue lights and a oh boy, a ticket maybe???  That was the LAST thing that we needed at this time!!



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