Where To Go Now, I Wanna Be Home

It turns out that our realtor had directed Mark to make a right turn down a one-way street. At first I was really worried about when some guy in a car just started honking at us incessantly.  Mark looked at him and he was like, what and then the guy motioned that we were going the wrong way.  A few moments later we met up with the flashing blue lights of a police car and then he had us turn around and pull over.  Miraculously (or maybe it was the New Mexico license plate) he just warned Mark and we were on our way.  We got back to the realtor’s office and we were spent.  Where we we stay now?  We were going to have to find another place to lay our heads.  The prospect of that was not really any fun but we stayed in the office and started just looking up our options for a one week stay in a hotel somewhere around here.

Again, we scoured AirBNB for a room to rent but just could not find the right one.  Finally, I had narrowed it down to a few hotel choices and asked Mark what he thought.  Again, they were anonymous until we purchased them but what else were we going to do?  We had run out of options for sure.  So I clicked BUY and up popped our next place to call home for a week.  We were not thrilled once we drove up to this interstate-side hotel just north of Miami.  It wasn’t the greatest area and once we walked in, we were like ugh…this is it? They gave us probably the shittiest and most noisy room and get this, it had no phone in it!?  It was right next to the interstate too. I was like uh uh, we are going to have to call them and ask them to move us to a different location in the hotel.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the hallway smelled like weed?  The elevator did too.

They were kind enough to give us a new room, which was ten times better and much quieter.  I was at peace here and we both kind of settled in because we knew that this was going to be our home for the next week.  Boy, were we ever hungry though?!  I Yelped a few locations that were a walk away and discovered that there was this Vietnamese place that was open quite late.  Being that it was already almost midnight, we made our way out into the cool night.

When we got there we were pleasantly surprised.  This place looked pretty decent and there were people here having some pretty good Pho in a huge bowl.  Mark ordered an imported Chinese beer and I had some homemade lemonade.  Both were quite good and we knew that we were going to enjoy this late-night dinner.  We ordered shrimp cakes (actually crunchy shrimp chips) and then when our main cooked shrimp entrees came they were both excellent.  We left there with full tummies and went to bed happy.  This place was definitely worth a return visit.

The next morning we woke up and realized that if we were going to ever find a place it was going to be on our own.  After breakfast we just ended up driving around the city of Hollywood and the surrounding area.  We stopped at Publix and grabbed an apartment for rent guide (in Spanish because that was the only one there) and we were on our way.  After a few days of doing that, we found a bunch of options.  We called realtors and visited leasing offices and finally settled on the place that we are currently in now here in Fort Lauderdale.

The only thing was that getting this place was just plain stressful.  Did it need to be?  Nope but I guess that was my lesson to learn…again.


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