Home At Last…


As I relax inside our wonderful little home in the tropics I find myself really so grateful to be here, to be home, finally…  It is a huge change from our lives that we had in the Southwest to here in sunny Florida.  I really do love it here, I couldn’t live in a better location on the planet.  It was so difficult to get here though but I could have really made things so much easier for myself looking back at what happened.


After scouring through the internet looking for a place we finally felt really good about seeing a small little studio close to the beach. It had this great multi-purpose island in the middle of kitchen and it looked really clean.  The listing was on Craigslist and also with realtors so we felt it was pretty legit.  Through Craigslist we got in touch with someone who said he was the property manager and we scheduled a viewing.  The guy was pretty unassuming and young, he let us in and we checked out the apartment.  We really liked it but we had others to see.  Before we left we thought to ourselves and quickly asked the manager what it would take to hold it.  He said that $100 would take it off from being viewed and so we did it.  He was going to get our security checks started and then he would get back to us.  It wasn’t going to be long now, we thought.  We went home happy and content that day, phew, the search was finally going to be over.

The next day we woke up with all the excitement to get out to our new home and get the keys.  Our security checks had been stellar and we were now almost there.  They told us to meet them there at the apartment later that day.  The thing is the that property manager was gone for the weekend and handed over responsibilities for working with us to a friend of his, a realtor.  So we pulled up to our now new home and waited for him to show up.  A car drove up and than another.  Two guys got out and made their way to look at, yeah, you guessed it, our apartment!


I was like, what a minute here!  First we gave this property manager guy (well he did let us take a pic of his driver’s license) 100 bucks and now this?  Another realtor opened up the apartment to show a guy our place.  I was like, what in the world!?  I begged Mark to go and talk with the realtor and he did.  The realtor told Mark that the place was still available to rent and he had not been told anything that would indicate otherwise.  We quickly called up the realtor and asked him why he had not arrived?  We also asked him why was our future home still being shown to other people?  We reminded him that the property manager had promised us that because we had given him the deposit, no one else would be able to show it.  I was getting worried, are we getting scammed?  I thought that maybe we were.  The realtor said that everything was fine and that we were not going to be able to get the keys today but that we had definitely qualified for this apartment.  He said to hold tight and not to worry.


Too many scenarios were playing out in my brain at this point and I let Mark know all of them.  We looked up everything on the internet about the two people that we were working with.  I was just a nervous wreck and worried that were going to be ripped off.  The truth was far different because, when was all said and done, it was quite legit.  We ended up having a meeting with the realtor the next day inside our new place.  We signed the lease and were given the keys to our new home…finally.

So ALL that worry and concern were just a HUGE waste of time for me, for us.  I should have known better but instead of trusting the universe to know best and rest in the peace that that provided, I chose to be afraid and let my fears affect me.  So much so that when the realtor first met us he said that he thought that we might be borderline schizophrenics or something because we were so cautious and untrusting of him.  We apologized because in the end I should have just trusted his word and gone with my heart.  In the end, why do we have to worry about anything anyway?  At the end of the day, it  does nothing and solves less.


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