…But God


What’s up Lynna, oops I mean Paul???  What in the world happened here?  I know, I am shocked by all of this myself but ya know, God is like that.  How, what, who, wait a minute now???  I know right?  I said that I was not going to do it.  I said that it was impossible to go back now.  I thought that I was going to have make best of my situation and just grin and bear it.  So I thought, yeah…

…But God


…But God broke into my plans and threw His amazing light on me.  I should not be surprised though really, what could I expect but to have my Deliverer to come back for me?  I made a simple confession when I was but five years old to serve Him all the days of my life.  Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.  Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  These promises were tucked away neatly in a place in my heart and God guarded over these things even as I plunged into the depths of confusion and utter darkness of the soul.  The enemy of your soul is granted access to your mind but Heaven forbids him to touch your heart if you really belong to Him.


You see, the thing is that I have no choice when I chose Christ.  Who was I kidding, who do I think that I was?  He rescued me like He did on the night when I was lost at the bottom of a remote New Mexico mountain pass.  He saw me then and He saw me again last Friday when Maritza (formerly Mark) again cried out silently to God to help me overcome my obsession and torture.  I have been distressed for a very long time, truth be told.  I have always had this overwhelming sense of darkness looming over my life.  It haunted me from the time I was young but tonight it was no match to Maritza and her cry for help from Above.
I started to really long to find my way back to God and on Saturday morning, I asked Maritza if she minded that I take a trip down memory lane and watch some Christian music videos.  She said sure and that’s when it happened, the moment I heard the words that the singer was singing, my heart was pierced with the presence of God that drove me to my knees.  I cried like a baby for hours.  I was so sorry that I had caused Him so much pain.  He came for me in my hour of need and my God pulled me out of my desperation and the depravity of my own mind.  What can I say to such a God?  I am truly a miracle of His grace and mercy.  Yes Jesus loves me, this I do now know, He came for me and rescued me, His grace has made me whole.

When all hope is lost, never fret, He will come, He will save, He will restore, He will reclaim what belongs to Him.

…But God


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