Battling The System: Gender Dysphoria?

My precious wife shares about her real life journey.

MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth


How is it that there is no set protocol for those who decide to return to their true and original gender. Why is it that the push for transition is trying to drown the voices of sanity and detransitioners? It seems those of us who have realized that transitioning is not at all the answer to what ails us, yet we are being pushed by the many new recruited and tall force of gender specialist, who not too long ago, knew nothing of this new found condition. They had to be educated by those of us who lead the way, and through our subjective feelings, told them what they had to do. Now, they have made this gospel, and there is only one authority of gender, and that is God.

I say it will take droves of us to gather and speak out loud, money talks BS walks, we need…

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