Attacks And Haters

MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth

If there is one thing I know for sure, when the natives get restless, that means, that we are doing something right.  When it comes to giving God all the credit and praise, and sharing our miraculous story, we will never shut up, you can count on that, we have been through so much as a couple and seen to many miracles from God to just remain silent.

14370036_523416031177322_8038384732738613638_n Dec 30 2014 Paul, then Lynna fell of a mountain bath 500 ft

We have been attacked from many communities in the past year as we learned our path, and the place we both felt we fit in this world. I like to say for those of you who are so certain of yours, congratulations, but wait a while and you will see what you thought was concrete,  will go crumbling down with the rain which softens and destroys it’s base. If…

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