True Happiness Is To Be Whole

MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth


I remember thinking, when I underwent certain procedures to affirm, at the time what I thought was my “true” identity, (I had a bilateral mastectomy and full hysterectomy at the Cleveland Clinic in South Florida) how happy I was, as they removed the bandages from my chest, and I saw for the very first time, the scars where my breasts use to be and the recreated “man” crusted nipples and hoping they would not fall off after the resizing and recreation of them. My brain was trying to understand what just happened, and I was unconsciously preventing from going into shock, the already set in program of you will be happy after this is done, was battling the reality of the situation.  I smiled and thought, “yeah, I am now a man” so I thought. Rethinking this and in a sane/healthy state of mind I am now in, I ask…

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