Enough Of This Madness

MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth


I am going to speak sternly and with authority, I Maritza Lopez, a once trans-identified, long-standing member of the LGBT community, living 25 years as a lesbian and 15 as a trans guy, am making a plea to all those people who are accepting this sexual and gender deviance as normal and acceptable.

We need to realize that what we are allowing to happen here is morally incorrect and against God’s law. Once we remove the veil of deceit it becomes more than evident that allowing people to alter their bodies, their gender marker, changing history (birth certificate) all because they are not comfortable with what God gave them. There has never been in the history of mankind any disease or mental condition that has had no true objective finding and where the patient leads his or her own treatment plan. There are no real factors, scientific evidence that shows people…

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