O’ How The Mighty Men Have Fallen


2 Samuel 1:25 & 27

“How the mighty have fallen
   in the midst of the battle…
Oh, how the mighty heroes have fallen!
Stripped of their weapons, they lie dead.”

David uttered these words upon finding out that King Saul and Jonathan, the king’s son and David’s best friend were cut down and killed in battle against the Amalekites, enemies of Israel.  David was crying and lamenting over the loss of mighty men destroyes by the arrows of the enemy, in this case, the Amalekites.

Does that not say it all? I believe that we can all agree that for the most part, especially here in America, there has been a mighty felling of mighty men of God.  There was once a generation which existed in this country which stoood for morals and righteous Godly living.  These men are all but gone these days but you can read about their legends in stories and through many oral traditions passed down through family lines.  They were known as the greatest generation that this country has ever produced.  These men fought in the two world wars and and sacrificed so much in order  for us to have the freedoms that we have today.  These were men who gave all and sought not their own personal gain and glory.  These men were NOT perfect but they were men of conviction, men of integrity, men who had a heart and a love for their wives, kids and for this nation.  What happened to us???


 I am convinced that one of the biggest and most addicting issues that most men are faced with, be they professing  Christian or a non-believer, is sexual in nature. Sexual addictions are one of the strongest strongholds that the devil erects in the minds of men. I am going to speak to men like me, Christian men, guys, we have a huge problem! We need Jesus, we need him to destroy these fortresses in our lives. I was addicted too, granted probably not in the way that most of you might have been, because in my case, I was not obsessed in getting the woman of my dreams, no, instead for me it was even more twisted and idolatrous, I wanted to become that woman of my dreams. I obsessed over it as  many of you do when you visit those porn sites that you all know lie only a click away on your laptop or your  not-so-smartphone.


I spent hours looking up ways to live out my fantasy as the woman of my dreams as do many of you click around to find the hottest babe who can get you to live out your most intense sexual fantasy. Trust me, it will eat your heart out from the inside out and will destroy everything and everyone around you in the process.

My Brothers, we have a massive problem in our masculinity and it does not matter if you say that you follow Jesus or not. We are all sinning against a holy God who sees everything and is so disgusted by all of us who praise him on Sunday and worship our sexual urges the rest of the week. There is no wonder that judgment is falling on this once great nation, we have forgotten just Who it is that we are sworn to serve. We are warrior soldiers, we are princes of the King and we act in ways that He would never be able to recognize us as sons of this Great King. Why are we wasting His time? Either we are serious about being changed and transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ or we will continue to allow ourselves to further be transformed into the image of this other false king, the one who wants to do nothing more than to steal, kill and destroy.

The statistics are shocking brothers:

77 percent look at pornography at least monthly.

36 percent view pornography on a daily basis.

32 percent admit being addicted to pornography (and another 12 percent think they may be).

The statistics for middle-aged Christian men (ages 31 to 49) are no less disturbing:

77 percent looked at pornography while at work in the past three months.

64 percent view pornography at least monthly.
18 percent admit being addicted to pornography (and another 8 percent think they may be).

Even married Christian men are falling prey to pornography and extramarital sexual affairs at alarming rates:

55 percent look at pornography at least monthly.

35 percent had an extramarital sexual affair while married.

“These statistics knock the wind right out of you. They also confirm what we already know; that there definitely is a problem with pornography and affairs among Christian men and that they are starving for the church to step forward with solutions,” according to Joel Hesch, who sponsored the survey and is the founder of the biblically based Proven Men Ministries.


Most pastors (57%) and youth pastors (64%) admit they have struggled with porn, either currently or in the past.

  • Overall, 21% of youth pastors and 14% of pastors admit they currently struggle with using porn.
  • About 12% of youth pastors and 5% of pastors say they are addicted to porn
  • 87% of pastors who use porn feel a great sense of shame about it.
  • 55% of pastors who use porn say they live in constant fear of being discovered.
  • The vast majority of faith leaders who struggle with porn say this has significantly affected their ministry in a negative manner. It is not clear why, but youth pastors are twice as likely as pastors to report this kind of unfavorable impact.



Study Shows That Most Christian Men Are Into Porn
Here’s How 770 Pastors Describe Their Struggle with Porn
The Porn Phenomenon

More than half of Christian men admit to watching pornography



O’ how the mightymen have fallen! We have gone AWOL from His purposes for us as men and soldiers for Christ. Not only have stopped we seeking our Heavenly Father, we have cast off every vestige of the armor of God that He has provided for us in the process. We stand literally naked before our enemies and we have nothing to fight back with and like Goliath did to the armies of the Israelites, Satan and his demonic hordes laugh at us because we are powerless in the face of their schemes and strategies.

Imagine, for some of us, all it takes is for an image of a beautiful woman to pop up on our computer or iPhone screen for us to be drawn away and made purposeless and destructive to all of those who come in contact with us. God, have mercy on us as men. We need your mercy, we need your power, we need your controlling hand in our lives to allow us to help push back the gates of hell.

We need to get on with our purpose my dear brothers, we have been wasting His time for far too long. Aren’t you tired of falling prey to the same old trap? Let God transform you and reintroduce you to His original plan and purpose for you, to be His mighty man, His mighty tool of grace to be displayed to a world which is so dead in their sins and the many lives who are on their way to an eternal hell. They are living in hell right now, don’t be mistaken, anyone not living for Jesus is living in hell right now, separated from the love of the One True and Living God.

Let is get on with our purpose brothers, God is waiting…


2 thoughts on “O’ How The Mighty Men Have Fallen

  1. “There was once a generation which existed in this country which stoood for morals and righteous Godly living.”

    As a nerd with a long-standing interest in American history (who has not even been there despite not needing a visa for the last few years…), I was somewhat uncertain which of the generations you meant.Then you clarified that it was the generation tat fought the two world wars. I’d call it two generations but never mind.

    So this was the generation that was largely fine with a “racially” segregated society. You really sure this was not as bad as online porn?


    1. You know that racism is a totally different issue altogether. I, as a minority myself know what that feels like. American’s have had a horrible track record, no doubt. These are totally different issues and they need to be dealt with head on.


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