MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth

13692518_499794296872829_7771280849878665288_n The Present And Future

okay, so I have been using my blog and YouTube channel to vent, to tell my story as well as to document my crazy life. So now I will share with you what has transpired since we transitioned back to Mark and Lynna. The overwhelming push from the Christian community that  was watching us like hawks actually created a rebound and led us to realize that we were doing it for (detransition) all the wrong reasons.  Many of you may or may not know the story of Lynna and how her ex-spouse refuses to allow Lynna to have contact with her kids which consisted of only a phone call every other week.  Lynna has suffered throughout her transition because her ex-spouse has made Lynna’s life a living hell.  She turned Lynna’s kids against her and with the Christian upbringing and continual Christian lifestyle that her ex-spouse’s and…

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