Sickened, Yet Again By Christians…



Those of you who know my history, you know about my very Christian past. I practically grew up under the church pew, actually I do remember falling asleep under one many a time when I was a little kid for sure. I was encouraged to give my life to Jesus as I grew older and was encouraged to become involved in church life and so I did. I still know my share of Bible trivia and I can find my way around the Bible, its many verses and stories pretty easily. I sat under all kinds of teachers and pastors, I grew up a church kid.
Many of my old friends are now pastors, missionaries, evangelists and identify as good Christian folk with their happy Christian life. I was educated in private Christian schools all the way from preschool and right through college. People looked up to me and this life that I had built for myself and as long as I looked, breathed and believed as they did, everything was cool. Since my transition, that has completely taken a crazy twist and I am just left astonished, I can’t believe my eyes at was taken place.
Back in 2006, I was invited to work on a video shoot for Marshall Fields Department Store at a local theatre in Minneapolis. The Glamorama Fashion Show was a big deal and it brought lots of A-List talent onto the stage to raise money for cancer research and showcased the latest fashions that Marshall Fields wanted to promote for the upcoming season. During that time, I was absolutely in the closet with any of my gender issues and I was extremely homophobic as a result. It was more as a way to cover up the things that I was dealing with internally than with anything else. The event was being choreographed by a very well-known choreographer that they had flown in from L.A. and he was unabashedly gay.
He had a scene in the show which was promoting marriage equality and I remember being at odds with it. I was so at odds with it that I decided to make my opinion known about it. I went to my director and told him that if they were going to allow this scene to be a part of this show, then I would have no choice but to withdraw from working on the show. I felt that I needed to make a stand for what I believed in and that day I packed up my gear and left the shoot. While some people were applauding my choice, others looked at me with contempt. I told my family and friends what I had done and they were so proud of me that I would make such a vocal stance on such a polarizing issue. I regret that decision to to this day. The thing that I have found out about most if not all Christians (there are few exceptions out there) is that as long as your beliefs do not encroach on theirs, everything is just fine. They consider you one of them and they offer their support, their prayers and their encouragement every step of the way. However, if you ever make a decision that goes against their beliefs, you immediately become their sworn enemy. It does not matter if you have shared life with these people, if you have helped each other throughout your lives, it does not matter one bit. You are now the ENEMY and against them. I regret ever espousing the faith that I was introduced to as a child.
I cannot tell you how many times I have experienced judgment from these people and it does not matter if they were close friends or even my own family. Hatred is something that I have had firsthand experience with with these folks. They want to obliterate the rights of anyone else that does not line up with theirs. They are on a crusade to make the LGBTQ community a forgotten segment of society. They want to reverse marriage equality, silence the voices and experiences of millions of transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer men and women throughout the world. Now, with the election of Trump/Pence, they have become even more emboldened to attack our community with more and more fervor. They want to take away the rights of women and the choices that are theirs to make over their own bodies. They actually are planning to reverse Roe v. Wade!? Imagine that??? Who do these people think that they are?
Do they think that we are not going to fight them back with every ounce of strength that we have inside of us??? Here is a clear gauntlet that I am throwing out to all of you hateful, fear-mongering, war-waging Christians out there who might be bothering to read this note:
Did you all get that? DO you understand what I am saying here? I don’t care what moral authority that you may think that you have, you have NO RIGHT to take away the rights of others. No one is picketing in front of your church building, no one is telling you how to or not to worship or pray. No one is going out of their way to silence and demonize you, why do you think that it is okay to do it to us? The Christian loves to justify their crusade against the “immoral” gay/lesbian community by rattling off Bible verses and somehow feeling that by doing that that this is sufficient reason to act as they do. The problem is that they end up looking like racists and bigots in the process of mandating righteous morality. You all need to know that you guys are all desperately off-message completely. There are many ways to love people that you are concerned about and this is NOT the way to go about it. Hateful behavior never results in anything positive.
This morning, my husband Mark Angelo Cummings woke up to being banned off of Facebook because of engaging in a comment thread on the personal page of an anti-LGBTQ Christian blogger, Peter LaBarbera, he runs a website and FB group called American for Truth About Homosexuality (Americans for Truth About Homosexuality ( is a single-issue group devoted to exposing and opposing the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual lobby). He is extremely discriminatory towards the LGBTQ and his page is full of anti-gay propaganda. Sometimes I wonder if the reason that these people fight against us so hard is because they themselves have closeted their gayness by fighting something that is a part of them too? I know that this was the case for me, although to a much lesser degree than this guy and his followers. Back in September, an ex-trans person by the name of Daniel Erline let Peter LaBarbera know about Mark and I and the decision we had made to detransition and embrace Christianity and our original gender. Peter took a video that I had made on my YouTube Channel, Lynna’s Life entitled “Detransitioning Lynna” and he made it a part of his website by posting an article about it. He never asked me if it was okay to use my story but he did it anyway in order to serve his cause. The article is still up there, even though I have repeatedly asked him to remove it. We have since decided to continue our transition and to live our lives as the people that we are.
One of the biggest reasons that we decided to do so was because of people like Peter LaBarbera, the many old Christian “friends” who had embraced our decision to detransition and even my own family. They proved that love does not ever win with regards to these people. They seek full compliance and adherence to their agenda and by that standard of rigidity we realized that we were making a huge mistake in embracing Christian belief. The real reason that we had even decided to detransition in the first place was because of my overwhelming sense of guilt that had come to plague my every waking moment. Simply put, I wanted to see my kids. I quickly found out that they did not care about me, only what I could provide for them. My ex never cared to know about Mark and his newfound faith and completely shut down any talk of seeing my children. This was all a huge waste of time and we regret having ever attempting to do so. There are no miracles Christians, people are just people, can you just leave us alone?
Anyways, Mark was going through his newsfeed and noticed this article that Peter had posted about wanting to reverse marriage equality and wanting “sodomites” to suffer and so he decided to say something about it. He was not disrespectful in any way, yet he was criticized by many others on the page. He was called all kinds of names, misgendered, offended in every which way, yet he kept his cool. He wrote some parting comments and this morning he woke up to a 30-day ban on his Facebook account. We could not believe it? He did not even say anything that would have deemed such a punishment by necessary FB? There is nothing that he can do about it either because I am not sure how FB works but he is going to have to deal with this ban on his account. Who does this kind of thing??? Why do people like Peter LaBarbera and Americans For Truth About Homosexuality get away with what they do??? I don’t get it one bit, this is getting to be way out of control! Who do these people think that they are?
I will tell you one thing though, Mark and I are not going to take this lying down. The Christian community has declared war on the LGBTQ and we are going to fight back their attacks every step of the way. IT is WRONG to engage in behavior which strips the rights away from other human beings. No one has the right to strip away your human dignity! I am asking that anyone who can do so, let these people know that they are NOT going to succeed and that this world is much bigger than they are. We have a voice and WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! I am asking that any of you that can do so, to please report this man, his personal FB page and his organization’s page. Please report as many pictures and comments that you find offensive. This is a coordinated effort and together we can eradicate hate one page at a time. I would also ask that you flood his organization with complaints and send him tweets and let him know that we are not going to sit back and allow him and his supporters to continue discriminating or harassing our community. Let FB know that hateful groups should not be allowed space on Facebook or Twitter.
Peter LaBarbera, 52, is president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), a non-partisan, non-profit group dedicated to exposing the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activist agendas. Founded as a part-time venture in 1996 but reorganized in August 2006, AFTAH seeks to apply the same single-minded determination to opposing the radical homosexual agenda and standing for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family as countless homosexual groups do in promoting their harmful agenda.
AFTAH is a rare single-issue national group on the other side of this critical “culture war” issue. Meanwhile, there are over a dozen national American “gay” groups with annual budgets ranging from just under $1 million to over $30 million working to advance this agenda — which threatens to criminalize Christian opposition to behavior that most Americans believe is wrong.

To reach LaBarbera and Americans For Truth: call 312-324-3787 or e-mail: (Alternative email: Brad Wallace: Fax: 630-839-0799. Regular mail address: Americans For Truth, P.O. Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522. Donate to AFTAH: [go directly credit card giving form HERE] (all donations are fully tax-deductible); or mail your gift to above address. AFTAH Facebook Page: Peter LaBarbera on Twitter:


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