Ty Herndon Out Of Line

MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth

I have been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment all of my life, you would think things would have changed when I transitioned from female to male but sadly they have not. Every time I visit a Gay bar in the past when I was single and or now with my wife, there is always this feeling of being groped or an inappropriate sexual advance being made by gay men in the club or event. I know for a fact that many trans guys have been the victim of rape and have been manhandled when seeking intimacy or love, and our lack of male socialization leaves us dealing with lots of awkward moments, to say the least.

This Sunday Fort Lauderdale held their Pride Fest on Fort Lauderdale Beach with several DJs and performances by some pretty famous artists. We were excited to go watch Ty Herndon a newly out…

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